Collaboration, advocacy
and driving digital growth
Industry collaboration
to compete nationally
A united, credible voice
to advocate for our members
Capacity building through
secondary, tertiary and
up-skilling pathways

Sunshine Coast Tech

Industry Alliance

The Sunshine Coast Tech Industry Alliance (SCTechIA) has been established to provide ICT businesses with an opportunity to collaboratively drive industry growth within the greater Sunshine Coast region.

By 2026, Deloitte Access Economics forecasts there will be over 1.1 million technology workers in Australia, indicating growth of more than 35% from 2021.

The Sunshine Coast region is well-positioned to capitalise on this industry growth thanks to a number of factors, including but not limited to:

sctechia Aims to Position the Sunshine Coast as a Nationally Competitive Region

SCTechIA aims to position the Sunshine Coast as a nationally competitive region for its digital capabilities and strong industry advocacy.

We invite those interested in finding out more ahead of SCTechIA ’s official launch in April 2022 to register their interest below.

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